Jeremiah 12:1-6 LEB

Jeremiah’s Complaint

1 You [will be] in the right, [O] Yahweh, when I complain to you. Even so, let me speak [my] claims with you. Why does [the] way of [the] wicked succeed? All those who deal treacherously with treachery are at ease.

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      2 Not only do you plant them, they take root. They grow, but also they produce fruit. You [are] near in their mouths, but far from their {inmost beings}.a

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        • Ƌ 12:2 - Literally "kidneys"
          3 But you, [O] Yahweh, you know me, you see me, and you test [that] my heart [is] with you. Tear them apart like sheep for [the] slaughtering, and set them apart for [the] day of slaughter.
          4 {How long}b will the land mourn, and the vegetation of every field dry up, because of the wickedness of those who live in it? [The] animals and [the] birdsc are swept away, because they have said, "He does not see our future."

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            • ƌ 12:4 - Literally "Until when"
            • ƍ 12:4 - Hebrew "bird"

              The Lord’s Reply

              5 "If you run with foot soldiers and they have made you weary, then how will you compete with horses? If you have fallen in {a peaceful land},d then how will you do in the thickets of the Jordan?

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                • Ǝ 12:5 - Literally "a land of peace"
                  6 For even your relatives, and the house of your father, even they have dealt treacherously with you, even they call {loudly}e after you. You must not trust in them, though they speak kindly to you.

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                    • Ə 12:6 - Literally "full"