Jeremiah 49:28-33 LEB

A Message Concerning Kedar and the Kingdoms of Hazor

28 Concerning Kedar and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor that Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon defeated. Thus says Yahweh: "Rise up, go up against Kedar and destroy [the] people of [the] east.

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      29 They will take their tents, and their flocks, their tent curtains, and all their equipment, and their camels they will carry away for themselves, and they will call to them, 'Terror [is] from all around.'
      30 Flee! Wander far away! {Get down low}!a O inhabitants of Hazor," {declares}b Yahweh. "For Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, has planned a plan against you. And he has schemedc a schemed against you.

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        • Գ 49:30 - Literally "Make deep to dwell"
        • Դ 49:30 - Literally "a declaration of"
        • Ե 49:30 - Or "planned"
        • Զ 49:30 - Or "plan"
          31 Rise up, go up against a nation [which is] at ease, living {securely},"e {declares}f Yahweh. "[There are] no gates and [there are] no barsg for them, they dwell alone.

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            • Է 49:31 - Literally "with confidence"
            • Ը 49:31 - Literally "a declaration of"
            • Թ 49:31 - Hebrew "bar"
              32 And their camels will become as plunder, and the multitude of their livestock as spoil. And I will scatter to every wind [those who] are trimmed to [the] side, and from {every side}h I will bring their disaster," {declares}i Yahweh.

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                • Ժ 49:32 - Literally "all his sides"
                • Ի 49:32 - Literally "a declaration of"
                  33 "And Hazor will become as a lair of jackals, a waste forever; no one will live there, and no son of humankind will dwell as an alien in it."