Job Continues His Response to Bildad

1 "My inner self loathes my life; {I want to give vent to my complaint}; I want to speak out of [the] bitterness of my inner self.

References for Job 10:1

    • a 10:1 - Or "soul"
    • b 10:1 - Literally "I want to let go upon me my complaint"
    • c 10:1 - Or "soul"
      2 I will say to God, 'You should not condemn me; let me know why you contend [against] me.
      3 Is it good for you that you oppress, that you despise the labor of your hands, and you smile over the schemes of [the] wicked?
      4 {Do you have eyes of flesh}? Or {do you see as human beings see}?

      References for Job 10:4

        • d 10:4 - Literally "[Are] eyes of flesh for you"
        • e 10:4 - Literally "as seeing of human being[s] you see"
          5 [Are] your days as the days of human beings, or your years as the days of man,
          6 that you seek out my iniquity, and you search for my sin
          7 because of your knowledge that I am not guilty, and there is no escaping from your hand?
          8 Your hands fashioned me and made me {altogether}, then you destroyed me.

          References for Job 10:8

            • f 10:8 - Hebrew "they made me"
            • g 10:8 - Literally "together all around"
            • h 10:8 - Or "and"
              9 Please remember that you made me like clay, but you turn me into dust [again]?

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                • i 10:9 - Or an untranslatable particle expressing urgency
                • j 10:9 - Hebrew "and"
                  10 Did you not pour me out like milk and {curdle me} like cheese?

                  References for Job 10:10

                    • k 10:10 - Literally "you did curdle me"
                      11 You clothed me [with] skin and flesh, and you knit me together with bones and sinews.
                      12 You have granted me life and loyal love, and your care has preserved my spirit.
                      13 " 'Yet you hid these [things] in your heart; I know that this {was your purpose}.

                      References for Job 10:13

                        • l 10:13 - Hebrew "And"
                        • m 10:13 - Literally "[was] with you"
                          14 If I had sinned, then you would be watching me, and you would not acquit me of my guilt.

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                              15 If I am guilty, woe to me! But if I am righteous, I dare not lift my head; [I am] filled [with] shame, and [just] look [at] my misery!

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                                  16 And [if my head] grows bold, you would hunt me as the lion in its prime; {and you repeat your exploits against me}.

                                  References for Job 10:16

                                    • p 10:16 - Literally "and you do again you display marvelous powers against me"
                                      17 You renew your witnesses against me, and you increase your vexation against me; {relief forces} [are] against me.

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                                        • q 10:17 - Literally "substitute and force[s]"
                                          18 So why did you bring me forth from the womb? I should have passed away, {and no eye should have seen me}.

                                          References for Job 10:18

                                            • r 10:18 - Hebrew "And"
                                            • s 10:18 - Literally "and an eye should not have seen me"
                                              19 I should have been as though I had not been; I should have been brought from [the] womb to the grave.
                                              20 [Are] not my days few? Let him leave [me] alone; let him turn from me, and let me rejoice a little.
                                              21 Before I go--and I will not return-- to [the] land of darkness and deep shadow,
                                              22 to [the] land of darkness, like [the] darkness of a deep shadow and {chaos}, so that it shines forth like darkness.'"

                                              References for Job 10:22

                                                • t 10:22 - Literally "and not order"
                                                • u 10:22 - Or "and"