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Job 6 (Lexham English Bible)

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Job’s Second Speech: A Response to Eliphaz

1 Thena Job answered and said, 2 "If only my vexation could be well weighed, and my calamity could be lifted up together [with it] in [the] balances, 3 for then it would be heavier than the sand of the seas; therefore my words have been rash, 4 for the arrows of Shaddai [are] in me; my spirit drinks their poison; the terrors of God are arrayed against me. 5 Does [the] wild ass bray over grass, or [the] ox bellow over its fodder? 6 Can tasteless [food] be eaten withoutb salt, or is there taste in the white of a marshmallow plant? 7 {I refused}c to touch [them]; they [are] like {food that will make me ill}.d 8 "{O that}e my request may come, and [that] God may grant my hope, 9 thatf God would decide thatg he would crush me, [that] he would let loose his hand and {kill me}.h 10 Buti it will still be my consolation, and I would recoil in {unrelenting}j pain, for I have not denied [the] words of [the] Holy One. 11 What [is] my strength, that I should wait? And what [is] my end, that {I should hold out}?k 12 Or [is] my strength [like] the strength of stones? Or [is] my flesh bronze? 13 {Indeed},l my help is not in me, and [any] success is driven from me. 14 "Loyal lovem [should come] for the afflicted [from] his friend, even ifn he forsakes the fear of Shaddai. 15 My companions are treacherous like a torrent-bed; like a streambed of wadiso they flow away, 16 which are growing dark because of ice upon them, it will pile up snow. 17 In time they dry up, they disappear; when it [is] hot, they vanish from their place. 18 The paths of their way wind [around]; they go up into the wasteland, and they perish. 19 The caravans of Tema looked; the traveling merchants of Sheba hope for them. 20 They are disappointed, because they trusted; they came {here}p and they are confounded. 21 "For now youq have become {such};r you see terrors, and you fear. 22 Is it because I have said, 'Give to me,' or,s 'Offer a bribe for me from your wealth'? 23 or,t 'Save me from the foe's hand,' or,u 'Ransom me from the tyrants' hand'? 24 Teach me, and I myselfv will be silent; and make me understand how I have gone astray. 25 How painful are {upright words}!w Butx what does {your reproof}y reprove? 26 Do you intend to reprove [my] wordsz and [consider the] words of a desperate [man] as wind? 27 Even over [the] orphan you would cast the lot, and you would bargain over your friend. 28 "{Therefore}aa be prepared, turn to me, and I surely will not lie to your 29 Please turn, let no injustice happen; indeed,cc turn, {my righteousness is still intact}.dd 30 Is there injustice on my tongue? Or can my palate not discern calamity?ee
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