The Doom of the Wicked City is Certain

1 Woe to the city [that has shed] {much blood}! {She is a deceiver}, She is filled [with] plunder, {She has hoarded her spoils of war}.
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    • a 3:1 - Literally "bloods"
    • b 3:1 - Literally "All of her [is] deception"
    • c 3:1 - Literally "Prey does not depart"
      2 The crack of the whip! The rumbling of the [chariot] wheel! The galloping of the horse! The racing of the chariot!
      3 Chariots charge! Swords flash! Spears glitter! {Many corpses are piled high}! There is no end to the slain! They stumble over their dead!
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        • d 3:3 - Literally "Many dead, piles of corpses"

          Harlot Nineveh Will Get What She Deserves

          4 "Because of the many idolatries of [the] prostitute, the beautiful charm [of] a mistress of witchcraft, she who enslaves nations by her harlotries, and peoples by her sorceries,
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              5 "Look! I am against you!" {declares}Yahweh. "I will strip up your skirts over your face; I will let nations look [at] your nakedness and your shame.
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                • e 3:5 - Literally "a declaration of"
                  6 "I will throw filth upon you, I will treat you with contempt, I will make you a spectacle.
                  7 "And it will be that everyone who sees you will flee from you, And {they} will say, 'Nineveh is destroyed!' Who will mourn for her? From whence shall I seek comforters for you?"
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                    • f 3:7 - Hebrew "he"

                      Nineveh Will Suffer the Same Fate She Inflicted on Thebes

                      8 Are you better than Thebes? She who sits at the Nile, surrounded by her waters, her rampart [was the] sea and water [was] her wall.
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                        • g 3:8 - Hebrew "No-Amon"
                          9 Cush [was] her strength, Egypt without end; Put and Libya were among {your allies}.
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                            • h 3:9 - Literally "your helpers"
                              10 Yet she went into captivity as an exile; her children were dashed to pieces at the head of [the] streets; they cast lots for all of her nobles; all of her dignitaries were bound with chains.
                              11 You also will behave like a drunkard; You also will hide yourself; You also will seek refuge from [the] enemy.

                              Nineveh’s Defenses Will Fail

                              12 All of your fortifications [are like] fig trees with [ripe] firstfruits-- if they are shaken, they will fall into the mouth of the eater.
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                                  13 Look! Your troops [are like] women in your midst. The gates of your land are wide open to your enemies; fire will consume the bars [of your gates].
                                  14 Draw water for a siege! Strengthen your fortifications! Go to the mud [pit]! Trample the clay! Grasp the brick mold!
                                  15 There fire will consume you; the sword will cut you off. It will consume you like the locust.

                                  Nineveh’s Defenders Will Flee

                                  16 You have increased your merchants more than the stars of heaven; [like] the locust they will shed [their skin] and fly away.
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                                      17 Your officials [are] like locusts; your commanders [are] like a swarm of locusts. They encamp on the walls on a cold day; when the sun rises, they fly away-- no one knows where they have gone.

                                      Nineveh Will Come to an End

                                      18 Your shepherds are sleeping, [O] king of Assyria! Your nobles slumber. Your people are scattered on the mountains; no one can gather them.
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                                          19 There is no healing for your wound; your injury is fatal. All who hear the report of you will clap [their] hands [for joy] concerning you, {For who has not suffered at the hands of your endless cruelty}?
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                                            • i 3:19 - Literally "For over whom has your endless cruelty not passed?"