Proverbs 9:10-18 LEB

Foolishness’ Banquet

10 The start of wisdom is fear of Yahweh, and knowledge of the Holy One,a insight.

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    • å 9:10 - Or "holy ones"
      11 For by me your days shall increase, and years of life shall multiply for you.
      12 If you are wise, you are wise for yourself, and [if] you scoff, alone you shall bear [it].
      13 A woman of foolishness is loud, simple, and does not know {it}.b

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        • æ 9:13 - Literally "what"
          14 She sits at the door of her house, upon a throne [at the] high places of town,
          15 [in order] to call to those who pass by the road, those who go straight [on] their way:
          16 "Whoever is simple, may he turn here!" As for he who lacks {sense},c she says to him,

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            • ç 9:16 - Literally "heart"
              17 "Stolen waters are sweet, and bread of secrecy is pleasant."
              18 But he does not know that the deadd [are] there, in the depths of Sheole [are] her guests.

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                • è 9:18 - Or "Rephaim"
                • é 9:18 - A term for the place where the dead reside, i.e., the Underworld