A Prayer for God to Throw down the Wicked

1 Why, O Yahweh, do you stand far off? [Why] do you hide during times of distress?

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    • a 10:1 - Or "shut [your eyes]"
      2 In arrogance [the] wicked persecutes [the] poor. Let them be caught in [the] schemes that they devised,

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        • b 10:2 - Or "pursues"
          3 for [the] wicked boasts about the desire of his {heart}, and [the] one greedy for gain curses [and] treats Yahweh with contempt.

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            • c 10:3 - Literally "soul"
              4 {With bald-faced pride} [the] wicked will not seek [God]. There is no God in any of his thoughts.

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                • d 10:4 - Literally "According to the height of his nose"
                  5 His ways endure at all times. Your judgments are aloof from him. [As for] all his enemies, he scoffs at them.

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                    • e 10:5 - According to the reading tradition (Qere)
                    • f 10:5 - Hebrew "time"
                      6 He says in his heart, "I shall not be moved {throughout all generations}, [during] which [I will have] no trouble."

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                        • g 10:6 - Literally "for a generation and a generation"
                          7 His mouth is filled with cursing, with deceits and oppression; under his tongue are trouble and evil.
                          8 He sits in ambush in villages; in the hiding places he kills [the] innocent. His eyes {lurk} for [the] helpless.

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                            • h 10:8 - Literally "lie hid"
                              9 He lies in ambush {secretly,} like a lion in a thicket. He lies in ambush to seize [the] poor; he seizes [the] poor by catching him in his net.

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                                • i 10:9 - Literally "in the secret places"
                                  10 He is crushed; he is bowed down; so the helpless host falls by his {might}.

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                                    • j 10:10 - Or "and he [the wicked] stoops"
                                    • k 10:10 - Or "he [the wicked] crouches"
                                    • l 10:10 - Or "and"
                                    • m 10:10 - According to the reading tradition (Qere)
                                    • n 10:10 - Literally "mighty ones"
                                      11 He says in his heart, "God has forgotten. He has hidden his face. He never sees."
                                      12 Rise up, O Yahweh; O God, lift up your hand. Do not forget [the] afflicted.
                                      13 Why does the wicked treat God with contempt? He says in his heart, "You will not call [me] to account."
                                      14 [But] you have seen; indeed you have noted trouble and grief to take [it] into your hand. The helpless abandons [himself] upon you; you have been [the] helper [for the] orphan.
                                      15 Break [the] arm of [the] wicked, and [as for the] evil [man]-- seek out his wickedness [until] you find none.
                                      16 Yahweh [is] king forever and ever; the nations have perished from his land.
                                      17 [The] longing of [the] afflicted you have heard, O Yahweh. You will make their heart secure. You will {listen attentively}

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                                        • o 10:17 - Literally "cause your ear to hear"
                                          18 to render judgment [for the] fatherless and [the] oppressed [so that] a [mere] mortal from the earth will no longer cause terror.