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Romans 2:1 LEB

The Righteous and Impartial Judgment of God

1 Therefore you are without excuse, O man, every one [of you] who passes judgment. For in that which you pass judgment on someone else, you condemn yourself, for you who are passing judgment are doing the same [things].

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      • a 2:9 - Literally "soul of man"
      • b 2:13 - Or "will be justified"
      • c 2:14 - *Here "[although]" is supplied as a component of the participle ("have") which is understood as concessive
      • d 2:16 - Or "by"
      • e 2:18 - *Here "[because]" is supplied as a component of the participle ("are instructed") which is understood as causal
      • f 2:23 - Or "do you dishonor God?" (a number of translators and interpreters take this phrase as a final rhetorical question; the present translation regards it as a final summary statement to be taken ironically)
      • g 2:24 - A quotation from Isa 52:5
      • h 2:27 - Literally "the letter"
      • i 2:28 - Literally "in the open"
      • j 2:28 - Literally "in the open"
      • k 2:29 - Literally "in secret"