1 Kings 7:18-28 MSG

21 He set the pillars up in the entrance porch to The Temple; the pillar to the south he named Security (Jachin) and the pillar to the north Stability (Boaz).
22 The capitals were in the shape of lilies.
23 Hiram's next project was to make the Sea - an immense round basin of cast metal fifteen feet in diameter, seven and a half feet tall, and forty-five feet in circumference.
24 Just under the rim there were two bands of decorative gourds, ten gourds to each foot and a half. The gourds were cast in one piece with the Sea.
25 The Sea was set on twelve bulls, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east; the bulls faced outward supporting the Sea on their hindquarters.
26 The Sea was three inches thick and flared at the rim like a cup, or like a lily. It held about 11,500 gallons.
27 Hiram also made ten washstands of bronze. Each was six feet square and four and a half feet tall.
28 They were made like this: Panels were fastened to the uprights.