2 Chronicles 13:17-22 MSG

17 Abijah and his troops slaughtered them - 500,000 of Israel's best fighters were killed that day.
18 The army of Israel fell flat on its face - a humiliating defeat. The army of Judah won hands down because they trusted God, the God of their ancestors.
19 Abijah followed up his victory by pursuing Jeroboam, taking the towns of Bethel, Jeshanah, and Ephron with their surrounding villages.
20 Jeroboam never did recover from his defeat while Abijah lived. Later on God struck him down and he died.
21 Meanwhile Abijah flourished; he married fourteen wives and ended up with a family of twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters.
22 The rest of the history of Abijah, what he did and said, is written in the study written by Iddo the prophet.