Psalm 5:4; Psalm 22:23; Psalm 33:8; Psalm 56:6; Psalm 59:3; Psalm 61:4; Psalm 105:12; Psalm 105:23; Psalm 120:5; Psalm 140:2

4 You don't socialize with Wicked, or invite Evil over as your houseguest.
23 Shout Hallelujah, you God-worshipers; give glory, you sons of Jacob; adore him, you daughters of Israel.
8 Earth-creatures, bow before God; world-dwellers - down on your knees!
6 They gang up, sneak together through the alleys To take me by surprise, wait their chance to get me.
3 Desperadoes have ganged up on me, they're hiding in ambush for me. I did nothing to deserve this, God,
4 A lifetime pass to your safe-house, an open invitation as your guest.
12 When they didn't count for much, a mere handful, and strangers at that,
23 Then Israel entered Egypt, Jacob immigrated to the Land of Ham.
5 I'm doomed to live in Meshech, cursed with a home in Kedar,
2 All they do is think up new ways to be bad; they spend their days plotting war games.