1 Kings 22:1-6 NAS

Ahab's Third Campaign against Aram

1 Three ayears passed without war between Aram and Israel.

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    • ǘ 22:1 - Lit "they sat for three years"
      2 1In the third year 2Jehoshaphat the king of Judah came down to the king of Israel.

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      3 Now the king of Israel said to his servants, "Do you know that 3Ramoth-gilead belongs to us, and we bare still doing nothing to take it out of the hand of the king of Aram?"

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        • Ǚ 22:3 - Lit "are silent so as not"
          4 And he said to Jehoshaphat, "Will you go with me to battle at Ramoth-gilead?" And Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, "4I am as you are, my people as your people, my horses as your horses."

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          5 Moreover, Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, "Please inquire cfirst for the word of the LORD."

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            • ǚ 22:5 - Lit "as the day"
              6 Then 5the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, about four hundred men, and said to them, "Shall I go against Ramoth-gilead to battle or shall I refrain?" And they said, "Go up, for the Lord will give it into the hand of the king."

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