Acts 22:18-28 NAS

18 and I saw Him saying to me, '1Make haste, and get out of Jerusalem quickly, because they will not accept your testimony about Me.'

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19 "And I said, 'Lord, they themselves understand that in one synagogue after another 2I used to imprison and 3beat those who believed in You.

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20 'And 4when the blood of Your witness Stephen was being shed, I also was standing by approving, and watching out for the coats of those who were slaying him.'

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21 "And He said to me, 'Go! For I will send you far away 5to the Gentiles.'"

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22 They listened to him up to this statement, and then they raised their voices and said, "6Away with such a fellow from the earth, for 7he should not be allowed to live!"

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23 And as they were crying out and 8throwing off their cloaks and 9tossing dust into the air,

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24 the acommander ordered him to be brought into 10the barracks, stating that he should be 11examined by scourging so that he might find out the reason why * they were shouting against him that way.

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    • ɣ 22:24 - I.e. chiliarch, in command of one thousand troops
      25 But when they stretched him out bwith thongs, Paul said to the centurion who was standing by, "Is it clawful for you to scourge 12a man who is a Roman and uncondemned?"

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        • ɤ 22:25 - Or "for the whip"
        • ɥ 22:25 - Interrogation by torture was a procedure used with slaves
          26 When the centurion heard this, he went to the dcommander and told him, saying, "What are you about to do? For this man is a Roman."

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            • ɦ 22:26 - V 24, note 1
              27 The ecommander came and said to him, "Tell me, are you a Roman?" And he said, "Yes."

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                • ɧ 22:27 - V 24, note 1
                  28 The fcommander answered, "I acquired this citizenship with a large sum of money." And Paul said, "But I was actually born a citizen."

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                    • ɨ 22:28 - V 24, note 1