17 As for these four youths, 1God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every branch of aliterature and wisdom; Daniel even understood all kinds of 2visions and dreams.
18 Then at the end of the days which the king had bspecified cfor presenting them, the commander of the officials dpresented them before Nebuchadnezzar.
19 The king talked with them, and out of them all not one was found like 3Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah; so they e4entered the king's personal service *.
20 As for every matter of 5wisdom fand understanding about which the king consulted them, he found them 6ten times 7better than all the g8magicians and conjurers who were in all his realm.
21 And Daniel hcontinued until the 9first year of Cyrus the king.