Jeremiah 3:1-5 NAS

The Polluted Land

1 God asays, "1If a husband divorces his wife And she goes from him And belongs to another man, Will he still return to her? Will not that land be completely bpolluted? But you 2are a harlot with many clovers; Yet you 3turn to Me," declares the LORD.

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    • y 3:1 - Lit "saying"
    • z 3:1 - Or "alienated"
    • { 3:1 - Lit "companions"
      2 "Lift up your eyes to the 4bare heights and see; Where have you not been violated? By the roads you have 5sat for them Like an Arab in the desert, And you have 6polluted a land With your harlotry and with your wickedness.

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      3 "Therefore the 7showers have been withheld, And there has been no spring rain. Yet you had a 8harlot's * forehead; You refused to be ashamed.

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      4 "Have you not just now called to Me, '9My Father, You are the d10friend of my 11youth?

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        • | 3:4 - Lit "leader"
          5 '12Will He be angry forever? Will He ebe indignant to the end?' Behold, you have spoken And have done evil things, And you have fhad your way."

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            • } 3:5 - Lit "keep it"
            • ~ 3:5 - Lit "been able"