Job 28:1-11 NAS

Job Tells of Earth's Treasures

1 "Surely there is a amine for silver And a place bwhere they refine gold.

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    • Ɠ 28:1 - Or "source"
    • Ɣ 28:1 - Lit "for gold they refine"
      2 "Iron is taken from the dust, And copper is smelted from rock.
      3 "Man puts an end to darkness, And 1to the farthest limit he searches out The rock in gloom and deep shadow.

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      4 "He csinks a shaft far from dhabitation, Forgotten by the foot; They hang and swing to and fro far from men.

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        • ƕ 28:4 - Lit "breaks open"
        • Ɩ 28:4 - Lit "sojourning"
          5 "The earth, from it comes food, And underneath it is turned up as fire.
          6 "Its rocks are the esource of sapphires, And its dust contains gold.

          References for Job 28:6

            • Ɨ 28:6 - Or "place"
              7 "The path no bird of prey knows, Nor has the falcon's eye caught sight of it.
              8 "The fproud beasts have not trodden it, Nor has the fierce lion passed over it.

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                • Ƙ 28:8 - Lit "sons of pride"
                  9 "He puts his hand on the flint; He overturns the mountains at the gbase.

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                    • ƙ 28:9 - Lit "roots"
                      10 "He hews out channels through the rocks, And his eye sees anything precious.
                      11 "He dams up the streams from hflowing, And what is hidden he brings out to the light.

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                        • ƚ 28:11 - Lit "weeping"