22 "You will laugh at violence and famine, And you will not be afraid of wild beasts. 23 "For you will be in league with the stones of the field, And the beasts of the field will be at peace with you.
16 "I waste away; I will not live forever. Leave me alone, for my days are but a breath.
14 "If a man dies, will he live again? All the days of my struggle I will wait Until my change comes.
7 "Why do the wicked still live, Continue on, also become very powerful?
4 "The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
18 He keeps back his soul from the pit, And his life from passing over into Sheol.
20 So that his life loathes bread, And his soul favorite food.
22 "Then his soul draws near to the pit, And his life to those who bring death.
28 'He has redeemed my soul from going to the pit, And my life shall see the light.'
6 "He does not keep the wicked alive, But gives justice to the afflicted.
14 "They die in youth, And their life perishes among the cult prostitutes.
8 "Then the beast goes into its lair And remains in its den.
39 "Can you hunt the prey for the lion, Or satisfy the appetite of the young lions,
15 And she forgets that a foot may crush them, Or that a wild beast may trample them.
20 "Surely the mountains bring him food, And all the beasts of the field play there.
16 After this, Job lived 140 years, and saw his sons and his grandsons, four generations.