Matthew 20:11-21 NAS

11 "When they received it, they grumbled at the landowner,
12 saying, 'These last men have worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden and the 1scorching heat of the day.'

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13 "But he answered and said to one of them, '2Friend, I am doing you no wrong; did you not agree with me for a denarius?

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14 'Take what is yours and go, but I wish to give to this last man the same as to you.
15 'Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with what is my own? Or is your 3eye aenvious because I am bgenerous?'

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      16 "So 4the last shall be first, and the first last."

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      Death, Resurrection Foretold

      17 5As Jesus was about to go up to Jerusalem, He took the twelve disciples aside by themselves, and on the way He said to them,

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      18 "Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem; and the Son of Man 6will be cdelivered to the chief priests and scribes, and they will condemn Him to death,

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        • Ȳ 20:18 - Or "betrayed"
          19 and 7will hand Him over to the Gentiles to mock and scourge and crucify Him, and on 8the third day He will be raised up."

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          Preferment Asked

          20 9Then the mother of 10the sons of Zebedee came to dJesus with her sons, 11bowing down and making a request of Him.

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          21 And He said to her, "What do you wish?" She said to Him, "Command that in Your kingdom these two sons of mine 12may sit one on Your right and one on Your left."

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