61 These were they who came up from Tel-melah, Tel-harsha, Cherub, Addon and Immer; but they could not show their fathers' houses or their descendants, whether they were of Israel:
62 the sons of Delaiah, the sons of Tobiah, the sons of Nekoda, 642 * * *.
63 Of the priests: the sons of Hobaiah, the sons of Hakkoz, the sons of Barzillai, who took a wife of the daughters of Barzillai, the Gileadite, and was named * after them.
64 These searched among their ancestral registration *, but it could not be located; therefore they were considered unclean and excluded from the priesthood.
65 1The governor said to them that they should not eat from the most holy things until a priest arose with 2Urim and Thummim.