Isaiah 3:6; Isaiah 9:19; Isaiah 19:2; Isaiah 41:6; Isaiah 66:5; Isaiah 66:20

6 When a man lays hold of his brother in his father's house, saying, "You have a cloak, you shall be our ruler, And these ruins will be under your charge,"
19 By the fury of the LORD of hosts the land is burned up, And the people are like fuel for the fire; No man spares his brother.
2 "So I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians; And they will each fight against his brother and each against his neighbor, City against city and kingdom against kingdom.
6 Each one helps his neighbor And says to his brother, "Be strong!"
5 Hear the word of the LORD , you who tremble at His word: "Your brothers who hate you, who exclude you for My name's sake, Have said, 'Let the LORD be glorified, that we may see your joy.' But they will be put to shame.
20 "Then they shall bring all your brethren from all the nations as a grain offering to the LORD , on horses, in chariots, in litters, on mules and on camels, to My holy mountain Jerusalem," says the LORD , "just as the sons of Israel bring their grain offering in a clean vessel to the house of the LORD .