1 The destroyern is coming to attack you, Nineveh. Guard the defenses. Watch the road. Get ready. Gather all your strength!
2 Destroyers have destroyed God's people and ruined their vines, but the Lord will bring back Jacob's greatness like Israel's greatness.
3 The shields of his soldiers are red; the army is dressed in red. The metal on the chariots flashes like fire when they are ready to attack; their horses are excited.
4 The chariots race through the streets and rush back and forth through the city squares. They look like torches; they run like lightning.
5 Hen calls his officers, but they stumble on the way. They hurry to the city wall, and the shield is put into place.
6 The river gates are thrown open, and the palace is destroyed.
7 It has been announced that the people of Nineveh will be captured and carried away. The slave girls moan like doves and beat their breasts, because they are sad.
8 Nineveh is like a pool, and now its water is draining away. "Stop! Stop!" the people yell, but no one turns back.
9 Take the silver! Take the gold! There is no end to the treasure -- piles of wealth of every kind.
10 Nineveh is robbed, ruined, and destroyed. The people lose their courage, and their knees knock. Stomachs ache, and everyone's face grows pale.