Numbers 5:1-11 NCV

1 The Lord said to Moses,
2 "Command the Isra- elites to send away from camp anyone with a harmful skin disease. Send away anyone who gives off body fluid or who has become unclean by touching a dead body.
3 Send both men and women outside the camp so that they won't spread the disease there, where I am living among you."
4 So Israel obeyed the Lord's command and sent those people outside the camp. They did just as the Lord had told Moses.
5 The Lord said to Moses,
6 "Tell the Israelites: 'When a man or woman does something wrong to another person, that is really sinning against the Lord. That person is guilty
7 and must admit the wrong that has been done. The person must fully pay for the wrong that has been done, adding one-fifth to it, and giving it to the person who was wronged.
8 But if that person is dead and does not have any close relatives to receive the payment, the one who did wrong owes the Lord and must pay the priest. In addition, the priest must sacrifice a male sheep to remove the wrong so that the person will belong to the Lord.
9 When an Israelite brings a holy gift, it should be given to the priest.
10 No one has to give these holy gifts, but if someone does give them, they belong to the priest.'"
11 Then the Lord said to Moses,