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Nehemiah 11:26-36 (New International Version)

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26 in Jeshua, in Moladah,1 in Beth Pelet,2 27 in Hazar Shual,3 in Beersheba4 and its settlements, 28 in Ziklag,5 in Meconah and its settlements, 29 in En Rimmon, in Zorah,6 in Jarmuth,7 30 Zanoah,8 Adullam9 and their villages, in Lachish10 and its fields, and in Azekah11 and its settlements. So they were living all the way from Beersheba12 to the Valley of Hinnom. 31 The descendants of the Benjamites from Geba13 lived in Micmash,14 Aija, Bethel15 and its settlements, 32 in Anathoth,16 Nob17 and Ananiah, 33 in Hazor,18 Ramah19 and Gittaim,20 34 in Hadid, Zeboim21 and Neballat, 35 in Lod and Ono,22 and in the Valley of the Craftsmen. 36 Some of the divisions of the Levites of Judah settled in Benjamin.
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