1 Peter 3:1-7 NIRV

Wives and Husbands

1 Wives, follow the lead of your husbands. Suppose some of them don't believe God's word. Then let them be won to Christ without words by seeing how their wives behave.

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      2 Let them see how pure you are. Let them see that your lives are full of respect for God.
      3 Braiding your hair doesn't make you beautiful. Wearing gold jewelry or fine clothes doesn't make you beautiful.
      4 Instead, your beauty comes from inside you. It is the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. Beauty like that doesn't fade away. God places great value on it.
      5 This is how the holy women of the past used to make themselves beautiful. They put their hope in God. And they followed the lead of their own husbands.
      6 Sarah was like that. She obeyed Abraham. She called him her master. Do you want to be like her? Then do what is right. And don't give in to fear.
      7 Husbands, take good care of your wives. They are weaker than you. So treat them with respect. Honor them as those who will share with you the gracious gift of life. Then nothing will stand in the way of your prayers.