Acts 24:1-6 NIRV

Paul's Trial in Front of Felix

1 Five days later Ananias the high priest went down to Caesarea. Some elders and a lawyer named Tertullus went with him. They brought their charges against Paul to the governor.

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      2 So Paul was called in. Tertullus began to bring the charges against Paul. He said to Felix, "We have enjoyed a long time of peace while you have been ruling. You are a wise leader. You have made this a better nation.
      3 Most excellent Felix, we gladly admit this everywhere and in every way. And we are very thankful.
      4 I don't want to bother you. But would you be kind enough to listen to us for a short time?
      5 "We have found that Paul is a troublemaker. He stirs up trouble among Jews all over the world. He is a leader of those who follow Jesus of Nazareth.
      6 He even tried to pollute our temple. So we arrested him.