Exodus 23:1-9 NIRV

Laws About Mercy and Fairness

1 "Do not spread reports that are false. Do not help an evil person by telling lies in court.

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      2 "Do not follow the crowd when they do what is wrong. When you are a witness in court, do not turn what is right into wrong. Do not go along with the crowd.
      3 Do not show favor to a poor person in court.
      4 "Suppose you come across your enemy's ox or donkey wandering away. Then be sure to take it back to him
      5 "Suppose you see that the donkey of someone who hates you has fallen down under its load. Then do not leave it there. Be sure you help him with it.
      6 "Be fair to your poor people in their court cases.
      7 Do not have anything to do with a charge that is false. Do not put to death those who are not guilty of doing anything wrong. I will not let those who are guilty go free.
      8 "Do not take money from people who want special favors. It makes you blind to the truth. It twists the words of godly people.
      9 "Do not beat an outsider down. You yourselves know how it feels to be outsiders. Remember, you were outsiders in Egypt.