Ezekiel 6:1-7 NIRV

Ezekiel Prophesies Against the Mountains of Israel

1 A message came to me from the Lord. He said,

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      2 "Son of man, turn your attention to the mountains of Israel. Prophesy against them.
      3 Say, 'Mountains of Israel, listen to the message of the LORD and King. Here is what he says to the mountains and hills. And here is what he says to the canyons and valleys. He tells them, "I will send swords to kill your people. I will destroy the high places where you worship other gods.
      4 " ' "Your altars will be torn down. Your incense altars will be smashed. And I will kill your people in front of the statues of your gods.
      5 I will put the dead bodies of Israelites in front of those statues. I will scatter your bones around your altars.
      6 " ' "No matter where you live, the towns will be destroyed. The high places will be torn down. So your altars will be completely destroyed. The statues of your gods will be smashed to pieces. Your incense altars will be broken down. And everything you have made will be wiped out.
      7 Your people will fall down dead among you. Then you will know that I am the Lord.