Genesis 24:1-6 NIRV

Abraham's Servant Finds a Wife for Isaac

1 By that time Abraham was very old. The LORD had blessed him in every way.

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      2 The best servant in his house was in charge of everything he had. Abraham said to him, "Put your hand under my thigh.
      3 The LORD is the God of heaven and the God of earth. I want you to make a promise with an oath in his name. "I'm living among the people of Canaan. But I want you to promise me that you won't get a wife for my son from their daughters.
      4 Instead, promise me that you will go to my country and to my own relatives. Get a wife for my son Isaac from there."
      5 The servant asked him, "What if the woman doesn't want to come back with me to this land? Then should I take your son back to the country you came from?"
      6 "Make sure you don't take my son back there," Abraham said.