Hebrews 9:1-6 NIRV

Worship in the Holy Tent on Earth

1 The first covenant had rules for worship. It also had a sacred tent on earth.

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      2 A holy tent was set up. The lampstand was in the first room. So were the table and the holy bread. That was called the Holy Room.
      3 Behind the second curtain was a room called the Most Holy Room.
      4 It had the golden altar for incense. It also had the wooden chest called the ark of the covenant. The ark was covered with gold. It held the gold jar of manna. It held Aaron's wooden staff that had budded. It also held the stone tablets. The words of the covenant were written on them.
      5 The cherubim were above the ark. God showed his glory there. The cherubim spread their wings over the place where sin was paid for. But we can't deal with those things more completely now.
      6 That's how everything was arranged in the holy tent. The priests entered it at regular times. They went into the outer room to do their work for God and others.