Jeremiah 49:7-22 NIRV

A Message About Edom

7 Here is what the LORD says about Edom. The LORD who rules over all says, "Isn't there wisdom in the town of Teman anymore? Can't those who are wise give advice? Has their wisdom disappeared completely?

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      8 Turn around and run away, you who live in Dedan. Hide in deep caves. I will bring trouble on Esau's family line. I will do it at the time I punish them.
      9 Edom, suppose grape pickers came to harvest your vines. They would still leave a few grapes. Suppose robbers came at night. They would steal only as much as they wanted.
      10 But I will strip everything away from Esau's people. I will uncover their hiding places. They will not be able to hide anywhere. Their children, relatives and neighbors will die. Then Esau's people will be gone.
      11 Leave your children whose fathers have died. I will watch over them. Your widows can also trust in me."
      12 The LORD says, "What if those who do not have to drink the cup must drink it anyway? Then shouldn't you be punished? You will certainly be punished. You must drink the cup.
      13 I make a promise with an oath in my own name. Bozrah will be destroyed," announces the Lord. "People will be shocked at it. They will bring shame on it. They will call down curses on it. And all of its towns will be destroyed forever."
      14 I've heard a message from the Lord. A messenger was sent to the nations. The LORD told him to say, "Gather yourselves together to attack Edom! Prepare for battle!"
      15 The LORD says to Edom, "I will make you weak among the nations. They will look down on you.
      16 You live in the safety of the rocks. You live on top of the hills. But the terror you stir up has now turned against you. Your proud heart has tricked you. You build your nest as high as an eagle does. But I will bring you down from there," announces the Lord.
      17 "People of Edom, all those who pass by you will be shocked. They will make fun of you because of all of your wounds.
      18 Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. So were the towns that were near them," says the Lord. "You will be just like them. No one will live in your land. No one will stay there even for a short time.
      19 "I will be like a lion coming up from the bushes by the Jordan River. I will hunt in rich grasslands. I will chase you from your land in an instant. What nation will I choose to do it? Which one will I appoint? Is anyone like me? Who would dare to argue with me? What leader can stand against me?"
      20 So listen to what the LORD has planned against the people of Edom. Hear what he has planned against those who live in Teman. Edom's young people will be dragged away. The LORD will completely destroy their grasslands because of them.
      21 When the earth hears Edom fall, it will shake. The people's cries will be heard all the way to the Red Sea.
      22 Look! An enemy is coming. It's like an eagle diving down. It will spread its wings over Bozrah. At that time the hearts of Edom's soldiers will tremble in fear. They'll be like the heart of a woman having a baby.