Job 34:24-34 NIRV

24 He destroys the mighty without asking them questions in court. Then he sets others up in their places.
25 He knows what they do. So he crushes them during the night.
26 He punishes them for the sins they commit. He does it where everyone can see them.
27 That's because they turned away from following him. They didn't have respect for anything he does.
28 They caused poor people to cry out to him. He heard the cries of those who were in need.
29 But if he remains silent, who can judge him? If he turns his face away, who can see him? He rules over people and nations alike.
30 He keeps those who are ungodly from ruling. He keeps them from laying traps for others.
31 "Someone might say to God, 'I'm guilty of sinning, but I won't do it anymore.
32 Show me my sins that I'm not aware of. If I've done what is wrong, I won't do it again.'
33 But you refuse to turn away from your sins. So God won't treat you the way you want to be treated. You must decide, Job. I can't do it for you. So tell me what you know.
34 "You men who have understanding have spoken. You wise men who hear me have said to me,