Numbers 15:22-31 NIRV

Offerings for Sins That Aren't Committed on Purpose

22 " 'Suppose you fail to keep any of the commands the LORD gave Moses. And suppose you do it without meaning to.

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      23 That applies to any of the commands the LORD told Moses to give you. And they are in effect from the day the LORD gave them and for all time to come.
      24 Suppose the community sins without meaning to. And suppose they do not know they have sinned. Then the whole community must offer a young bull. They must offer it for a burnt offering. It will give a smell that is pleasant to the Lord. Along with it, they must offer its required grain offering and drink offering. They must also offer a male goat for a sin offering.
      25 " 'With it the priest will pay for the sin of the whole community of Israel. Then they will be forgiven. They did not mean to commit that sin. And they have brought to the LORD an offering that is made with fire for the wrong thing they did. They have brought a sin offering with it.
      26 " 'The LORD will forgive the whole community of Israel and the outsiders living among them. All of the people had a part in the sin, even though they did not mean to do it.
      27 " 'But suppose just one person sins without meaning to. Then he must bring a female goat for a sin offering. It must be a year old.
      28 With it the priest will pay for the person's sin in the sight of the Lord. He will do it for the one who did wrong by sinning without meaning to. When the sin is paid for, that person will be forgiven.
      29 " 'The same law applies to everyone who sins without meaning to. It does not matter whether he is an Israelite or an outsider.
      30 " 'But suppose someone sins on purpose. It does not matter whether he is an Israelite or an outsider. He speaks evil things against the Lord. He must be cut off from his people.
      31 He has made fun of what the LORD has said. He has broken the LORD's commands. He must certainly be cut off. He is still guilty.' "