Psalm 119:105-128 NIRV


105 Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me.

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      106 I have taken an oath. I have promised to follow your laws, because they are right.
      107 I have suffered very much. Lord, keep me alive as you have promised.
      108 Lord, accept the praise I freely give you. Teach me your laws.
      109 I keep putting my life in danger. But I won't forget to obey your law.
      110 Evil people have set a trap for me. But I haven't wandered away from your rules.
      111 Your covenant laws are your gift to me forever. They fill my heart with joy.
      112 I have decided to obey your orders to the very end.
      113 I hate people who can't make up their minds. But I love your law.
      114 You are my place of safety. You are like a shield that keeps me safe. I have put my hope in your word.
      115 Get away from me, you who do evil! Then I can do what my God commands me to do.
      116 Keep me going as you have promised. Then I will live. Don't let me lose all hope.
      117 Take good care of me, and I will be saved. I will always honor your orders.
      118 You turn your back on all those who wander away from your orders. They lie and cheat, but it doesn't amount to anything.
      119 You throw away all of the sinners on earth as if they were trash. So I love your covenant laws.
      120 My body trembles because I have respect for you. I have great respect for your laws.
      121 I have done what is right and fair. So don't leave me to those who beat me down.
      122 Make sure that everything goes well with me. Don't let proud people beat me down.
      123 My eyes grow tired as I look to you to save me. Please save me as you have promised.
      124 Be good to me, because you love me. Teach me your orders.
      125 I serve you. Help me to understand what is right. Then I will understand your covenant laws.
      126 Lord, it's time for you to act. People are breaking your law.
      127 I love your commands more than gold. I love them more than pure gold.
      128 I consider all of your rules to be right. So I hate every path that sinners take.