Psalm 144:10-15 NIRV

10 You are the One who helps kings win battles. You save your servant David from dying by the sword.
11 Save me. Set me free from strangers who attack me. They tell all kinds of lies with their mouths. Even when they make a promise by raising their right hands, they don't mean it.
12 While our sons are young, they will be like healthy plants. Our daughters will be like pillars that have been made to decorate a palace.
13 Our storerooms will be filled with every kind of food. The sheep in our fields will increase by thousands. They will increase by tens of thousands.
14 Our oxen will pull heavy loads. None of our city walls will be broken down. No one will be carried off as a prisoner. No cries of pain will be heard in our streets.
15 Blessed are the people about whom all of those things are true. Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.