Psalm 22:17-27 NIRV

17 I can see all of my bones right through my skin. People stare at me. They laugh when I suffer.
18 They divide up my clothes among them. They cast lots for what I am wearing.
19 Lord, don't be so far away. You give me strength. Come quickly to help me.
20 Save me from the sword. Save the only life I have. Save me from the power of those dogs.
21 Save me from the mouths of those lions. Save me from the horns of those wild oxen.
22 I will announce your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among those who worship you.
23 You who have respect for the Lord, praise him! All you people of Jacob, honor him! All you people of Israel, worship him!
24 He has not forgotten the one who is hurting. He has not turned away from his suffering. He has not turned his face away from him. He has listened to his cry for help.
25 Because of what you have done, I will praise you in the whole community of those who worship you. In front of those who respect you, I will keep my promises.
26 Those who are poor will eat and be satisfied. Those who look to the LORD will praise him. May their hearts be filled with new hope!
27 People from one end of the earth to the other will remember and turn to the Lord. The people of all the nations will bow down before him.