Ezekiel 32:17-32 NLT

17 On March 17, a during the twelfth year, another message came to me from the LORD:

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    • š 32:17 - Hebrew <I>On the fifteenth day of the month,</I> presumably in the twelfth month of the Hebrew calendar (see 32:1). This would put this message at the end of King Jehoiachin's twelfth year of captivity, on March 17, 585 <MS>B.C.</I>; also see note on 29:1. Greek version reads <I>On the fifteenth day of the first month,</I> which would put this message on April 27, 586 <MS>B.C.</I>, at the beginning of Jehoiachin's twelfth year.
      18 "Son of man, weep for the hordes of Egypt and for the other mighty nations. For I will send them down to the world below in company with those who descend to the pit.
      19 Say to them, 'O Egypt, are you lovelier than the other nations? No! So go down to the pit and lie there among the outcasts.'
      20 The Egyptians will fall with the many who have died by the sword, for the sword is drawn against them. Egypt will be dragged away to its judgment.
      21 Down in the grave b mighty leaders will mockingly welcome Egypt and its allies, saying, 'They have come down; they lie among the outcasts, all victims of the sword.'"

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        • › 32:21 - Hebrew <I>in Sheol.</I>
          22 "Assyria lies there surrounded by the graves of all its people, those who were slaughtered by the sword.
          23 Their graves are in the depths of the pit, and they are surrounded by their allies. These mighty men who once struck terror in the hearts of people everywhere are now dead at the hands of their enemies."
          24 "Elam lies there buried with its hordes who descended as outcasts to the world below. They terrorized the nations while they lived, but now they lie in the pit and share the humiliation of those who have gone to the world of the dead.
          25 They have a resting place among the slaughtered, surrounded by the graves of all their people. Yes, they terrorized the nations while they lived, but now they lie in shame in the pit, all of them outcasts, slaughtered by the sword."
          26 "Meshech and Tubal are there, surrounded by the graves of all their hordes. They once struck terror into the hearts of all people. But now they are outcasts, all victims of the sword.
          27 They are not buried in honor like the fallen heroes of the outcasts, who went down to the grave c with their weapons -- their shields covering their bodies, d and their swords beneath their heads. They brought terror to everyone while they were still alive."

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            • œ 32:27 - Hebrew <I>to Sheol.</I>
            •  32:27 - The meaning of the Hebrew phrase here is uncertain.
              28 "You too, Egypt, will lie crushed and broken among the outcasts, all victims of the sword."
              29 "Edom is there with its kings and princes. Mighty as they were, they also lie among those killed by the sword, with the outcasts who have gone down to the pit.
              30 All the princes of the north and the Sidonians are there, all victims of the sword. Once a terror, they now lie there in shame. They lie there as outcasts with all the other dead who have descended to the pit."
              31 "When Pharaoh arrives, he will be relieved to find that he is not alone in having his entire army killed, says the Sovereign LORD.
              32 For I have caused my terror to fall upon all the living. And Pharaoh and his hordes will lie there among the outcasts who have died by the sword. I, the Sovereign LORD, have spoken!"