Jeremiah 46:1-7 NLT

1 The following messages were given to Jeremiah the prophet from the concerning foreign nations.
2 This message concerning Egypt was given in the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim son of Josiah, the king of Judah, on the occasion of the battle of Carchemisha when Pharaoh Neco, king of Egypt, and his army were defeated beside the Euphrates River by King Nebuchadnezzarb of Babylon.

References for Jeremiah 46:2

    • 46:2 - This event occurred in 605, during the fourth year of Jehoiakim’s reign (according to the calendar system in which the new year begins in the spring).
    • 46:2 - Hebrew Nebuchadrezzar, a variant spelling of Nebuchadnezzar; also in 46:13, 26 .
      3 “Prepare your shields, and advance into battle!
      4 Harness the horses, and mount the stallions. Take your positions. Put on your helmets. Sharpen your spears, and prepare your armor.
      5 But what do I see? The Egyptian army flees in terror. The bravest of its fighting men run without a backward glance. They are terrorized at every turn,” says the .
      6 “The swiftest runners cannot flee; the mightiest warriors cannot escape. By the Euphrates River to the north, they stumble and fall.
      7 “Who is this, rising like the Nile at floodtime, overflowing all the land?