Jeremiah 49:1-11 NLT

1 This message was given concerning the Ammonites. This is what the says: “Are there no descendants of Israel to inherit the land of Gad? Why are you, who worship Molech,a living in its towns?

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    • 49:1 - Hebrew Malcam, a variant spelling of Molech; also in 49:3 .
      2 In the days to come,” says the , “I will sound the battle cry against your city of Rabbah. It will become a desolate heap of ruins, and the neighboring towns will be burned. Then Israel will take back the land you took from her,” says the .
      3 “Cry out, O Heshbon, for the town of Ai is destroyed. Weep, O people of Rabbah! Put on your clothes of mourning. Weep and wail, hiding in the hedges, for your god Molech, with his priests and officials, will be hauled off to distant lands.
      4 You are proud of your fertile valleys, but they will soon be ruined. You trusted in your wealth, you rebellious daughter, and thought no one could ever harm you.
      5 But look! I will bring terror upon you,” says the Lord, the of Heaven’s Armies. “Your neighbors will chase you from your land, and no one will help your exiles as they flee.
      6 But I will restore the fortunes of the Ammonites in days to come. I, the , have spoken.”
      7 This message was given concerning Edom. This is what the of Heaven’s Armies says: “Is there no wisdom in Teman? Is no one left to give wise counsel?
      8 Turn and flee! Hide in deep caves, you people of Dedan! For when I bring disaster on Edom,b I will punish you, too!

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        • 49:8 - Hebrew Esau; also in 49:10 .
          9 Those who harvest grapes always leave a few for the poor. If thieves came at night, they would not take everything.
          10 But I will strip bare the land of Edom, and there will be no place left to hide. Its children, its brothers, and its neighbors will all be destroyed, and Edom itself will be no more.
          11 But I will protect the orphans who remain among you. Your widows, too, can depend on me for help.”