Micah 1:9-16 NLT

9 For my people's wound is far too deep to heal. It has reached into Judah, even to the gates of Jerusalem.
10 Don't tell our enemies in the city of Gatha; don't weep at all.b You people in Beth-leaphrah,c roll in the dust to show your anguish and despair.

References for Micah 1:10

    • b 1:10 - <I>Gath</I> sounds like the Hebrew term for "tell."
    • c 1:10 - Greek version reads <I>weep not in Acco.</I>
    • d 1:10 - <I>Beth-leaphrah</I> means "house of dust."
      11 You people of Shaphir, d go as captives into exile -- naked and ashamed. The people of Zaanan e dare not come outside their walls. The people of Beth-ezel f mourn because the very foundations of their city have been swept away.

      References for Micah 1:11

        • e 1:11 - <I>Shaphir</I> means "pleasant."
        • f 1:11 - <I>Zaanan</I> sounds like the Hebrew term for "come out."
        • g 1:11 - <I>Beth-ezel</I> means "adjoining house."
          12 The people of Maroth g anxiously wait for relief, but only bitterness awaits them as the LORD's judgment reaches even to the gates of Jerusalem.

          References for Micah 1:12

            • h 1:12 - <I>Maroth</I> sounds like the Hebrew term for "bitter."
              13 Quick! Use your swiftest chariots and flee, you people of Lachish. h You were the first city in Judah to follow Israel in the sin of idol worship, and so you led Jerusalem i into sin.

              References for Micah 1:13

                • i 1:13 - <I>Lachish</I> sounds like the Hebrew term for "team of horses."
                • j 1:13 - Hebrew <I>the daughter of Zion.</I>
                  14 Send a farewell gift to Moresheth-gath; there is no hope of saving it. The town of Aczib j has deceived the kings of Israel, for it promised help it could not give.

                  References for Micah 1:14

                    • k 1:14 - <I>Aczib</I> means "deception."
                      15 You people of Mareshah, k I will bring a conqueror to capture your town. And the leaders l of Israel will go to Adullam.

                      References for Micah 1:15

                        • l 1:15 - <I>Mareshah</I> sounds like the Hebrew term for "conqueror."
                        • m 1:15 - Hebrew <I>the glory.</I>
                          16 Weep, you people of Judah! Shave your heads in sorrow, for the children you love will be snatched away, and you will never see them again. Make yourselves as bald as an eagle, for your little ones will be exiled to distant lands.