Acts 17:5-10 NRS

5 But the Jews became jealous, and with the help of some ruffians in the marketplaces they formed a mob and set the city in an uproar. While they were searching for Paul and Silas to bring them out to the assembly, they attacked Jason's house.
6 When they could not find them, they dragged Jason and some believers a before the city authorities, b shouting, "These people who have been turning the world upside down have come here also,

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    • ç 17:6 - Gk [brothers]
    • è 17:6 - Gk [politarchs]
      7 and Jason has entertained them as guests. They are all acting contrary to the decrees of the emperor, saying that there is another king named Jesus."
      8 The people and the city officials were disturbed when they heard this,
      9 and after they had taken bail from Jason and the others, they let them go.
      10 That very night the believers c sent Paul and Silas off to Beroea; and when they arrived, they went to the Jewish synagogue.

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        • é 17:10 - Gk [brothers]