Ezekiel 11:15-21 NRS

15 Mortal, your kinsfolk, your own kin, your fellow exiles, a the whole house of Israel, all of them, are those of whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, "They have gone far from the Lord; to us this land is given for a possession."

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    • { 11:15 - Gk Syr: Heb [people of your kindred]
      16 Therefore say: Thus says the Lord God: Though I removed them far away among the nations, and though I scattered them among the countries, yet I have been a sanctuary to them for a little while b in the countries where they have gone.

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        • | 11:16 - Or [to some extent]
          17 Therefore say: Thus says the Lord God: I will gather you from the peoples, and assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.
          18 When they come there, they will remove from it all its detestable things and all its abominations.
          19 I will give them one c heart, and put a new spirit within them; I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh,

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            • } 11:19 - Another reading is [a new]
              20 so that they may follow my statutes and keep my ordinances and obey them. Then they shall be my people, and I will be their God.
              21 But as for those whose heart goes after their detestable things and their abominations, d I will bring their deeds upon their own heads, says the Lord God.

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                • ~ 11:21 - Cn: Heb [And to the heart of their detestable things and their abominations their heart goes]