Nahum 3:1-8 NRS

1 Ah! City of bloodshed, utterly deceitful, full of booty— no end to the plunder!
2 The crack of whip and rumble of wheel, galloping horse and bounding chariot!
3 Horsemen charging, flashing sword and glittering spear, piles of dead, heaps of corpses, dead bodies without end— they stumble over the bodies!
4 Because of the countless debaucheries of the prostitute, gracefully alluring, mistress of sorcery, who enslaves a nations through her debaucheries, and peoples through her sorcery,

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    • l 3:4 - Heb [sells]
      5 I am against you, says the Lord of hosts, and will lift up your skirts over your face; and I will let nations look on your nakedness and kingdoms on your shame.
      6 I will throw filth at you and treat you with contempt, and make you a spectacle.
      7 Then all who see you will shrink from you and say, "Nineveh is devastated; who will bemoan her?" Where shall I seek comforters for you?
      8 Are you better than Thebes b that sat by the Nile, with water around her, her rampart a sea, water her wall?

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        • m 3:8 - Heb [No-amon]