Proverbs 17:1-10 NRS

1 Better is a dry morsel with quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.
2 A slave who deals wisely will rule over a child who acts shamefully, and will share the inheritance as one of the family.
3 The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, but the Lord tests the heart.
4 An evildoer listens to wicked lips; and a liar gives heed to a mischievous tongue.
5 Those who mock the poor insult their Maker; those who are glad at calamity will not go unpunished.
6 Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their parents.
7 Fine speech is not becoming to a fool; still less is false speech to a ruler. a

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    • ™ 17:7 - Or [a noble person]
      8 A bribe is like a magic stone in the eyes of those who give it; wherever they turn they prosper.
      9 One who forgives an affront fosters friendship, but one who dwells on disputes will alienate a friend.
      10 A rebuke strikes deeper into a discerning person than a hundred blows into a fool.