37 Then the Most High will say to the nations that have been raised from the dead, ‘Look now, and understand whom you have denied, whom you have not served, whose commandments you have despised.
38 Look on this side and on that; here are delight and rest, and there are fire and torments.’ Thus he will[j] speak to them on the day of judgment—
39 a day that has no sun or moon or stars,
40 or cloud or thunder or lightning, or wind or water or air, or darkness or evening or morning,
41 or summer or spring or heat or winter[k] or frost or cold, or hail or rain or dew,
42 or noon or night, or dawn or shining or brightness or light, but only the splendor of the glory of the Most High, by which all shall see what has been destined.
43 It will last as though for a week of years.
44 This is my judgment and its prescribed order; and to you alone I have shown these things.”
45 I answered and said, “O sovereign Lord, I said then and[l] I say now: Blessed are those who are alive and keep your commandments!
46 But what of those for whom I prayed? For who among the living is there that has not sinned, or who is there among mortals that has not transgressed your covenant?
47 And now I see that the world to come will bring delight to few, but torments to many.