Numbers 15:12-22 NIV

12 Do this for each one, for as many as you prepare.

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13 “ ‘Everyone who is native-born must do these things in this way when they present a food offering as an aroma pleasing to the LORD.

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14 For the generations to come, whenever a foreigner or anyone else living among you presents a food offering as an aroma pleasing to the LORD, they must do exactly as you do.

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15 The community is to have the same rules for you and for the foreigner residing among you; this is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come. You and the foreigner shall be the same before the LORD:

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      16 The same laws and regulations will apply both to you and to the foreigner residing among you.’ ”

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      17 The LORD said to Moses,
      18 “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘When you enter the land to which I am taking you

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      19 and you eat the food of the land, present a portion as an offering to the LORD.

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      20 Present a loaf from the first of your ground meal and present it as an offering from the threshing floor.

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      21 Throughout the generations to come you are to give this offering to the LORD from the first of your ground meal.

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      Offerings for Unintentional Sins

      22 “ ‘Now if you as a community unintentionally fail to keep any of these commands the LORD gave Moses—

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