Numbers 3:12-30 NIV

12 "I have taken the Levites1 from among the Israelites in place of the first male offspring2 of every Israelite woman. The Levites are mine,3

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      13 for all the firstborn are mine.4 When I struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, I set apart for myself every firstborn in Israel, whether man or animal. They are to be mine. I am the LORD."5

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      14 The LORD said to Moses in the Desert of Sinai,6

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      15 "Count7 the Levites by their families and clans. Count every male a month old or more."8

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          16 So Moses counted them, as he was commanded by the word of the LORD.
          17 These were the names of the sons of Levi:9 Gershon,10 Kohath11 and Merari.12

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          18 These were the names of the Gershonite clans: Libni and Shimei.13

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          19 The Kohathite clans: Amram, Izhar, Hebron and Uzziel.14

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          20 The Merarite clans:15 Mahli and Mushi.16 These were the Levite clans, according to their families.

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          21 To Gershon17 belonged the clans of the Libnites and Shimeites;18 these were the Gershonite clans.

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          22 The number of all the males a month old or more who were counted was 7,500.
          23 The Gershonite clans were to camp on the west, behind the tabernacle.19

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          24 The leader of the families of the Gershonites was Eliasaph son of Lael.
          25 At the Tent of Meeting the Gershonites were responsible for the care of the tabernacle20 and tent, its coverings,21 the curtain at the entrance22 to the Tent of Meeting,23

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          26 the curtains of the courtyard24, the curtain at the entrance to the courtyard surrounding the tabernacle and altar,25 and the ropes26--and everything27 related to their use.

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              27 To Kohath28 belonged the clans of the Amramites, Izharites, Hebronites and Uzzielites;29 these were the Kohathite30 clans.

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              28 The number of all the males a month old or more31 was "8,600.a The Kohathites were responsible32 for the care of the sanctuary.33

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                • b 3:28 - Hebrew; some Septuagint manuscripts "8,300"
                  29 The Kohathite clans were to camp on the south side34 of the tabernacle.

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                  30 The leader of the families of the Kohathite clans was Elizaphan35 son of Uzziel.

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