Numbers 3:45-51 NIV

45 "Take the Levites in place of all the firstborn of Israel, and the livestock of the Levites in place of their livestock. The Levites are to be mine.1 I am the LORD.2

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      46 To redeem3 the 273 firstborn Israelites who exceed the number of the Levites,

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      47 collect five shekelsa4 for each one, according to the sanctuary shekel,5 which weighs twenty gerahs.6

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        • c 3:47 - That is, about 2 ounces (about 55 grams)
          48 Give the money for the redemption7 of the additional Israelites to Aaron and his sons."8

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              49 So Moses collected the redemption money9 from those who exceeded the number redeemed by the Levites.

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                  50 From the firstborn of the Israelites10 he collected silver weighing "1,365 shekels,b11 according to the sanctuary shekel.

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                    • 95 3:50 - ver 41,45
                    • 96 3:50 - S ver 46-48
                    • d 3:50 - That is, about 35 pounds (about 15.5 kilograms)
                      51 Moses gave the redemption money to Aaron and his sons, as he was commanded by the word of the LORD.