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Jeremiah 48:2 WYC/NIV - Online Parallel Bible

Wycliffe (WYC) New International Version (NIV)
2 And full out joying is no more in Moab; they thought evil against Heshbon. Come ye, and lose we it from [the] folk. Therefore thou being still, [thou] shalt be stilled, and sword shall follow thee. (And rejoicing is no longer in Moab; they plotted evil against Heshbon. Come ye, and let us destroy them from being a nation. And so thou shalt be silenced, O town of Madmen, yea, the sword shall follow after thee.) 2 Moab will be praised no more; in Heshbon men will plot her downfall: 'Come, let us put an end to that nation.' You too, O Madmen, will be silenced; the sword will pursue you.