Parallel Bible results for Isaiah 57


New International Version

Isaiah 57

WYC 1 A just man perisheth, and none is that thinketh in his heart; and men of mercy be gathered together, for none there is that understandeth; for why a just man is gathered from the face of malice. (The just, or the righteous, perish, and no one thinketh about it in their hearts, or in their minds; and people of mercy be taken away, and no one understandeth, that the just, or the righteous, have been taken away, before that malice, or the evil, come.) NIV 1 The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. WYC 2 Peace come, rest he in his bed, that went in his (proper) direction. (Let peace come, yea, rest they in their last beds, everyone who went in their own uprightness.) NIV 2 Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. WYC 3 But ye, sons of the seeker of false divining by chittering of birds, nigh hither, the seed of adulteress, and of a whore. (But come ye here, ye sons and daughters of the seeker of false divining by the twittering of birds, ye children of an adulterer, and of a whore.) NIV 3 "But you--come here, you sons of a sorceress, you offspring of adulterers and prostitutes! WYC 4 On whom scorned ye? on whom made ye great the mouth, and putted out the tongue? Whether ye be not cursed sons, a seed of leasings? (Against whom mocked ye? against whom made ye great the mouth, and stuck out the tongue? Be ye not accursed sons and daughters, the children, or the descendants, of liars?) NIV 4 Whom are you mocking? At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue? Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars? WYC 5 which be comforted in gods (who be comforted with gods), under each tree full of boughs, and (who) offer little children in strands, under (the) high stones. NIV 5 You burn with lust among the oaks and under every spreading tree; you sacrifice your children in the ravines and under the overhanging crags. WYC 6 Thy part is in the parts of the strand, this is thy part; and to them thou sheddest out moist offering (and thou pourest out a drink offering to them), thou offeredest (a) sacrifice. Whether I shall not have indignation on these things? NIV 6 [The idols] among the smooth stones of the ravines are your portion; they, they are your lot. Yes, to them you have poured out drink offerings and offered grain offerings. In the light of these things, should I relent? WYC 7 Thou puttedest thy bed on an high hill and enhanced (Thou puttest thy bed on a high and exalted hill), and thither thou ascendedest to offer sacrifices; NIV 7 You have made your bed on a high and lofty hill; there you went up to offer your sacrifices. WYC 8 and thou settedest thy memorial behind the door, and behind the post. For besides me, thou uncoveredest thee (to another), and tookest (in the) adulterer; thou alargedest thy bed, and madest a bond of peace with them (thou hast a large, or a big, bed, and madest a covenant, or an agreement, with them); thou lovedest the bed of them with (an) open hand, NIV 8 Behind your doors and your doorposts you have put your pagan symbols. Forsaking me, you uncovered your bed, you climbed into it and opened it wide; you made a pact with those whose beds you love, and you looked on their nakedness. WYC 9 and adornedest thee with [the] king's ointment, and thou multipliedest thy pigments; thou sentest far thy messengers, and thou art made low till to hells (thou sentest out thy messengers, or thy procurers, far and wide, even down to hell). NIV 9 You went to Molech with olive oil and increased your perfumes. You sent your ambassadors far away; you descended to the grave itself ! WYC 10 Thou travailedest in the multitude of thy (own) way(s), and saidest not, I shall rest (I shall cease, or I shall stop now); thou hast found the way of thine hand, therefore thou prayedest not (to me). NIV 10 You were wearied by all your ways, but you would not say, 'It is hopeless.' You found renewal of your strength, and so you did not faint. WYC 11 For what thing dreadedest thou busy, for thou liedest, and thoughtest not on me? And thou thoughtest not in thine heart, that I am still, and as not seeing; and thou hast forgotten me. (And whom do thou busily fearest, so that thou hast lied to me, and hast not even thought about me? Yea, thou thoughtest not about me in thy heart, because I was silent, and as if not seeing, and so thou hast forgotten me.) NIV 11 "Whom have you so dreaded and feared that you have been false to me, and have neither remembered me nor pondered this in your hearts? Is it not because I have long been silent that you do not fear me? WYC 12 I shall tell [out] thy rightfulness, and thy works shall not profit to thee. (I shall tell out thy so-called righteousness, and thy works shall not profit thee.) NIV 12 I will expose your righteousness and your works, and they will not benefit you. WYC 13 When thou shalt cry, thy gathered treasures deliver thee; and the wind shall take away all them, a blast shall do away them; but he that hath trust on me, shall inherit the land, and shall have in possession mine holy hill. (When thou shalt cry for help, let thy gathered treasures rescue thee; but the wind shall take them all away, yea, a puff of wind shall take them all away; but he who hath trust in me, shall inherit the land, and shall possess my holy hill.) NIV 13 When you cry out for help, let your collection [of idols] save you! The wind will carry all of them off, a mere breath will blow them away. But the man who makes me his refuge will inherit the land and possess my holy mountain." WYC 14 And I shall say, Make ye way, give ye journey, bow ye from the path (And I shall say, Make ye a way for the journey, clear ye the path), do ye away hurtings from the way of my people. NIV 14 And it will be said: "Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people." WYC 15 For the Lord high, and enhanced, saith these things, that dwelleth in everlastingness, and his holy name in high place, and that dwelleth in holy(ness), and with a contrite, either full sorry, and meek spirit, that he quicken the spirit of meek men, and quicken the heart of contrite men. (For the high and exalted Lord, who liveth in everlastingness, and whose name is Holy, saith these things, I live in a high and holy place, with those who have a contrite, or sorry/or broken, and meek spirit, and I desire to revive the spirit of the meek, or of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite.) NIV 15 For this is what the high and lofty One says-- he who lives forever, whose name is holy: "I live in a high and holy place, but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite. WYC 16 For I shall not strive without end, neither I shall be wroth till to the end; for why a spirit shall go out from my face, and I shall make blasts. (For I shall not contend forever, nor shall I be angry forever; for a breath went out from my face, and I made living souls.) NIV 16 I will not accuse forever, nor will I always be angry, for then the spirit of man would grow faint before me-- the breath of man that I have created. WYC 17 I was wroth for the wickedness of his avarice, and I smote him. I hid my face from thee, and I had indignation; and he went without steadfast dwelling, in the way of his heart. (But I was angry for the wickedness of their greed, and I struck them. And I hid my face from them, and I was angry; and they went willfully, in the way of their own hearts.) NIV 17 I was enraged by his sinful greed; I punished him, and hid my face in anger, yet he kept on in his willful ways. WYC 18 I saw his ways, and I healed him, and I brought him (back) again; and I gave comfortings to him, and to the mourners of him. (I saw their ways, and I healed them, and I brought them back again; and I gave comforting to them, and to their mourners.) NIV 18 I have seen his ways, but I will heal him; I will guide him and restore comfort to him, WYC 19 I made the fruit of (my) lips (to be) peace, peace to him that is far, and to him that is nigh, said the Lord; and I healed him. (I made peace to be the fruit of my lips, peace to those who be far away, and to those who be near, or close by, saith the Lord; and I healed them.) NIV 19 creating praise on the lips of the mourners in Israel. Peace, peace, to those far and near," says the LORD. "And I will heal them." WYC 20 But wicked men be as the boiling sea, that may not rest; and the waves thereof float again into defouling, and fen. (But the wicked be like the boiling sea, that cannot rest; and its waves flow again into defiling, and into fen.) NIV 20 But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud. WYC 21 The Lord God said, Peace is not to wicked men. (And the Lord God said, Peace is not to wicked.) NIV 21 "There is no peace," says my God, "for the wicked."