Parallel Bible results for Nehemiah 12:10-16

Holman Christian Standard Bible

New International Version

Nehemiah 12:10-16

CSB 10 Jeshua fathered Joiakim, Joiakim fathered Eliashib, Eliashib fathered Joiada, NIV 10 Jeshua was the father of Joiakim, Joiakim the father of Eliashib, Eliashib the father of Joiada, CSB 11 Joiada fathered Jonathan, and Jonathan fathered Jaddua. NIV 11 Joiada the father of Jonathan, and Jonathan the father of Jaddua. CSB 12 In the days of Joiakim, the leaders of the priestly families were: Meraiah of Seraiah, Hananiah of Jeremiah, NIV 12 In the days of Joiakim, these were the heads of the priestly families: of Seraiah's family, Meraiah; of Jeremiah's, Hananiah; CSB 13 Meshullam of Ezra, Jehohanan of Amariah, NIV 13 of Ezra's, Meshullam; of Amariah's, Jehohanan; CSB 14 Jonathan of Malluchi, Joseph of Shebaniah, NIV 14 of Malluch's, Jonathan; of Shecaniah's, Joseph; CSB 15 Adna of Harim, Helkai of Meraioth, NIV 15 of Harim's, Adna; of Meremoth's, Helkai; CSB 16 Zechariah of Iddo, Meshullam of Ginnethon, NIV 16 of Iddo's, Zechariah; of Ginnethon's, Meshullam;